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Advanced Java Programming


• Obtaining the coed to be trained in Advanced Java Programming skills for a straightforward entry within the IT trade.


Recapitulation of XTML, XTML5, Java Swing package – use of System category – application program Context – signed application program – object serialization- shallow and deep repeating – Java collections –Iterators – Array Lists – sets –hashset-hash table- queue- priority queue class-vector class- comparable interface.


Java Beans Introduction to Java Beans, blessings of Java Beans, BDK reflexion, victimization sure properties, Bean data Interface, unnatural properties Persistence, Customizers, Java Beans API


Introduction to Servelets: Lifecycle of a Serverlet, JSDK The Servelet API, The javax.servelet Package, Reading Servelet parameters, Reading low-level formatting parameters. The javax.servelet protocol package, Handling protocol Request & Responses, victimization Cookies-Session chase, servlet chaining-Security problems.


Introduction to JSP the matter with Servelet. The Anatomy of a JSP Page, JSP process. JSP Application style with MVC fixing and JSP Environment: putting in the Java package Development Kit, Felis domesticus Server & Testing Felis domesticus


JSP Application Development: Generating Dynamic Content, victimization Scripting parts Implicit JSP Objects, Conditional process – Displaying Values victimization AN Expression to line AN Attribute, Declaring Variables and ways Error Handling and Debugging Sharing knowledge
III Year – I Semester
4 0 0 3

Between JSP pages, Requests, and Users Passing management and Date between Pages – Sharing Session and Application knowledge – Memory Usage concerns


info Access info Programming victimization JDBC finding out Javax.sql. package. Accessing MySql database- Accessing MS Access database- Accessing a info from a JSP Page Application – Specific info Actions Deploying JAVA Beans in a very JSP Page. Introduction to struts framework.


• Construct an internet Application victimization Servlets

• Construct an internet application victimization Java Server Pages

• Construct AN enterprise application victimization Session Beans

• Construct AN enterprise application victimization Entity Beans joined with info

• Construct AN asynchronous enterprise application victimization Message-Driven Beans


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