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Object Oriented Programming through C++


• This course is meant to supply a comprehensive study of the C programming
language. It stresses the strengths of C, which offer students with the means that of writing
efficient, rectifiable and moveable code. the character of C language is stressed within the
wide variety of examples and applications. to be told and acquire art of pc
programming. to understand concerning some in style programming languages and the way to decide on
• artificial language for determination a drag.


Introduction to C++
Difference between C and C++- Evolution of C++- the article familiarised TechnologyDisadvantage of standard Programming- Key ideas of Object familiarised ProgrammingAdvantage of OOP- Object familiarised Language.


categories and Objects &Constructors and Destructor
Classes in C++-Declaring Objects- Access Specifiers and their Scope- process Member
Function-Overloading Member Function- Nested category, Constructors and Destructors,
Introduction- builders and Destructor- Characteristics of builder and DestructorApplication with Constructor- Constructor with Arguments (parameterized ConstructorDestructors- Anonymous Objects.


Operator Overloading and sort Conversion & Inheritance
The Keyword Operator- Overloading single Operator- Operator come back Type- Overloading
Assignment Operator (=)- Rules for Overloading Operators, Inheritance, Reusability- kinds of
Inheritance- Virtual Base Classes- Object as a category Member- Abstract Classes- blessings of
Inheritance-Disadvantages of Inheritance,


Pointers & Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual Functions
Pointer, options of Pointers- Pointer Declaration- Pointer to Class- Pointer Object- The this
Pointer- Pointer to Derived categories and Base category, Binding Polymorphisms and Virtual
Functions, Introduction- Binding in C++- Virtual Functions- Rules for Virtual Function- Virtual

I Year – II Semester
4 0 0 3


Generic Programming with Templates & Exception Handling
Generic Programming with Templates, want for models- Definition of sophistication TemplatesNormal perform Templates- Over Loading of Template perform-Bubble type exploitation Function
Templates- distinction Between Templates and Macros- coupled Lists with Templates, Exception
Handling- Principles of Exception Handling- The Keywords attempt throw and catch- Multiple Catch
Statements –Specifying Exceptions.


summary of normal model Library
Overview of normal model Library- STL Programming Model- Containers- Sequence
Containers- Associative Containers- Algorithms- Iterators- Vectors- Lists- Maps.


• perceive the fundamental nomenclature employed in creating by mental acts
• Write, compile and correct programs in C language. Use totally different knowledge varieties during a pc
• style programs involving call structures, loops and functions.
• justify the distinction between decision by price and decision by reference

Text Books:

  1. a primary Book of C++, port of entry Bronson, Cengage Learing.
  2. the entire Reference C++, Herbert Schildt, TMH.
  3. Programming in C++, Ashok N Kamathane, Pearson second Edition.
    Reference Books:
  4. Object familiarised Programming C++, Joyce Farrell, Cengage.
  5. C++ Programming: from downside analysis to program style, DS Malik, Cengage

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