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Course Objective:

To boost the student’s information and skills in engineering drawing and to introduce drafting packages and commands for pc power-assisted drawing and modelling.



The information of projections of solids is crucial in 3D modelling and animation. the scholar are going to be able to draw projections of solids. the target is to boost the abilities they already noninheritable in their earlier course in drawing of projection. PROJECTIONS OF SOLIDS: Projections of standard Solids inclined to each planes – Auxiliary Views.


The information of sections of solids and development of surfaces is needed in planning and producing of the objects. Whenever 2 or a lot of solids mix, a particular curve is seen at their intersection. SECTIONS OF SOLIDS: Sections and Sectional views of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone – Auxiliary views. DEVELOPMENT AND INTERPENETRATION OF SOLIDS: Development of Surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prisms, Cylinder, Pyramid Cone and their components.


The intersection of solids conjointly plays a very important role in planning and producing. the target is to impart this information through this subject. A perspective read provides a practical 3D read of associate degree object. the target is to create the scholars learn the strategies of Iso and Perspective views. INTERPENETRATION OF RIGHT REGULAR SOLIDS: Intersection of Cylinder Vs Cylinder, Cylinder Vs Prism, Cylinder Vs Cone, Prism Vs Cone. PERSPECTIVE PROJECTIONS: Perspective View: Points, Lines, Plane Figures and straightforward Solids, Vanishing purpose strategies (General methodology only).

In part B pc power-assisted drafting is introduced.


the target is to introduce varied commands in AutoCAD to draw the geometric entities and to form 2nd and 3D wire frame models. INTRODUCTION TO pc power-assisted DRAFTING: Generation of points, lines, curves, polygons, orientating. kinds of modeling : object choice commands – edit, zoom, cross hatching, pattern filling, utility commands, 2nd wire frame modeling, 3D wire frame modeling,.


By researching this subject the scholar are going to be able to perceive the paper-space setting completely. read POINTS {and read|and consider|and think about|and look at|and examine} PORTS: view purpose coordinates and view(s) displayed, examples to exercise totally different choices like save, restore, delete, joint , single choice.

II Year – I Semester
3 3 0 3


The target is to form} the scholars create geometrical model of easy solids associate degreed machine components and show an equivalent as an Isometric, writing or Perspective projection. pc power-assisted SOLID MODELLING: Isometric projections, writing projections of isometric projections, Modeling of easy solids, Modeling of Machines & Machine components.

Text Books :

  1. Engineering drawing by N.D Bhatt, Charotar publications. 2. Engineering Graphics, K.C. john, letter of the alphabet Publications


  1. Mastering motor vehicle CAD 2013 and motor vehicle CAD LT 2013 – St. George Omura, Sybex 2.
  2. motor vehicle CAD 2013 fundamentals- Elisemoss, SDC Publ. 3.
  3. Engineering Drawing and Graphics victimization motor vehicle Cad – T Jeyapoovan, vikas 4.
  4. Engineering Drawing + AutoCAD – K Venugopal, V. Prabhu Raja, New Age 5.
  5. Engineering Drawing – RK Dhawan, S Chand 6.
  6. Engineering Drawing – MB Shaw, BC Rana, Pearson 7.
  7. Engineering Drawing – KL Narayana, P Kannaiah, Scitech 8.
  8. Engineering Drawing – Agarwal and Agarwal, megahertz Graw Hill nine.
  9. Engineering Graphics – PI Varghese, megahertz Graw Hill ten. T
  10. ext book of Engineering Drawing with auto-CAD , K.Venkata Reddy/B.S . publications. 11.
  11. Engineering Drawing with motor vehicle CAD/ James D Bethune/Pearson Publications twelve.
  12. Engineering Graphics with motor vehicle CAD/Kulkarni D.M, Rastogi A.P, Sarkar A.K/PHI Publications

End Semester examination shall be conducted for Four hours with the subsequent pattern:

a) 2 hours-Conventional drawing b) 2 hours – pc power-assisted Drawing

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