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(Open Elective) OBJECTIVES:

• Expertise capabilities and limitations of the {hardware}, software program parts

• Strategies to guage design tradeoffs between completely different know-how selections.

• Design Methodologies


Introduction to Embedded methods:

What’s an embedded system Vs. Normal computing system, historical past, classification, main software areas, and goal of embedded methods. Core of embedded system, reminiscence, sensors and actuators, communication interface, embedded firmware, different system parts, PCB and passive parts.


8—bit microcontrollers structure: Traits, high quality attributes software particular, area particular, embedded methods. Elements to be thought-about in choosing a controller, 8051 structure, reminiscence group, registers, oscillator unit, ports, supply present, sinking present, design examples.


RTOS and Scheduling, Working fundamentals, sorts, RTOS, duties, course of and threads, multiprocessing and multitasking, forms of multitasking, non preemptive, preemptive scheduling. UNIT-IV: Process communication of RTOS, Shared reminiscence, pipes, reminiscence mapped objects, message passing, message queue, mailbox, signaling, RPC and sockets, job communication/synchronization points, racing, impasse, stay lock, the eating thinker’s downside.


The producer-consumer downside, Reader writers downside, Precedence Inversion, Precedence ceiling, Process Synchronization methods, busy ready, sleep and wakery, semaphore, mutex, vital part objects, occasions, machine, machine drivers, the best way to clause an RTOS, Integration and testing of embedded {hardware} and hearth ware.


Simulators, emulators, Debuggers, Embedded Product Growth life cycle (EDLC), Tendencies in embedded Trade, Introduction to ARM household of processor.


Perceive the fundamentals of an embedded system

• Program an embedded system

• Design, implement and check an embedded system. Determine the distinctive traits of real-time methods

• Clarify the overall construction of a real-time system • Outline the distinctive design issues and challenges of real-time methods


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