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This topic offers with the significance of HVDC transmission, evaluation of HVDC converters,
Faults and protections, Harmonics and Filters. It additionally offers with Reactive energy management and
Energy issue enhancements of the system.
Studying Goals:
• To Perceive fundamental ideas of HVDC Transmission.
• To investigate the converter configuration.
• To Know the management of converter and HVDC Transmission.
• To Perceive the importance of reactive energy management and AC/Dc load move.
• To Know completely different converter faults, safety and impact of harmonics.
• To go away low move and excessive move filters.
Primary Ideas
Economics & Terminal gear of HVDC transmission techniques: Varieties of HVDC Hyperlinks –
Equipment required for HVDC Programs – Comparability of AC &DC Transmission,
Utility of DC Transmission System – Planning & Fashionable traits in D.C. Transmission.
Evaluation of HVDC Converters
Selection of converter configuration – evaluation of Graetz – traits of 6 pulse & 12 pulse
converters –Instances of two Three part converters in star –star mode – their efficiency.
Converter & HVDC System Management
Principal of DC Hyperlink Management – Converters Management Traits – Firing angle management –
Present and extinction angle management – Impact of supply inductance on the system – Beginning
and stopping of DC hyperlink – Energy Management.
Reactive Energy Management in HVDC
Reactive Energy Necessities in regular state-Standard management strategies-Alternate
management strategiessources of reactive power-AC Filters – shunt capacitors-synchronous
Energy Circulate Evaluation In AC/DC Programs
Modelling of DC Hyperlinks-DC Community-DC Converter-Controller Equations-Resolution of DC
loadflow –answer of AC-DC Energy flow-Simultaneous method-Sequential technique.
Converter Fault & Safety
Converter faults – safety in opposition to over present and over voltage in converter station –
surge arresters –smoothing reactors – DC breakers –Audible noise-space cost field-corona
results on DC lines-Radio interference.
Technology of Harmonics –Traits harmonics, calculation of AC Harmonics, NonCharacteristics harmonics, hostile results of harmonics – Calculation of voltage & Present
harmonics – Impact of Pulse quantity on harmonics.

Varieties of AC filters,Design of Single tuned filters –Design of Excessive move filters.
Studying Outcomes:
The Scholar shall be capable to
• Be taught various kinds of HVDC ranges and fundamental ideas
• Know the operation of converters
• Purchase management idea of reactive energy management and AC/DC load move.
• Perceive converter faults, safety and harmonic results
• Design low move and excessive move filters
Textual content Books:
1. HVDC Energy Transmission Programs: Know-how and system Interactions – by
Okay.R.Padiyar,New Age Worldwide (P) Restricted, and Publishers.
2. HVDC Transmission by S.Kamakshaiah andV.Kamaraju-Tata McGraw–Hill
Reference Books:
1. HVDC Transmission – J.Arrillaga.
2. Direct Present Transmission – by E.W.Kimbark, John Wiley & Sons.
3. Energy Transmission by Direct Present – by E.Uhlmann, B.S.Publications.