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Machine Drawing

Course Objective:

The scholar can acquire data of fastening arrangements like attachment, absorbing the various sorts of attachment for shaft. the scholar is also enabled to organize the assembly of assorted machine or engine parts and miscellaneous machine parts.
Machine Drawing Conventions :
Need for drawing conventions – introduction to IS conventions
a) typical illustration of materials, common machine components and components such asscrews, nuts, bolts, keys, gears, webs, ribs.
b) kinds of sections – choice of section planes and drawing of sections and auxiliary sectional views. components not sometimes divided.
c) ways of orienting , general rules for sizes and placement of dimensions for holes, centers, sinuate and tapered options.
d) Title boxes, their size, location and details – common abbreviations & their liberal usage
e) kinds of Drawings – operating drawings for machine components.


I. Drawing of Machine components and easy components

Objective: to supply basic understanding and drawing apply of assorted joint, straightforward mechanical components
Selection of Views, further views for the subsequent machine components and components with each drawing proportions.
a) common varieties of Screw threads, bolts, nuts, stud bolts, tap bolts, set screws.
b) Keys, cotter joints and knuckle joint.
c) Riveted joints for plates
d) Shaft coupling, spigot and socket pipe joint.
e) Journal, pivot and collar and foot step bearings.

II Year – II Semester
3 3 0 3


II. Assembly Drawings: Objective: the scholar are going to be able to draw the assembly from the individual half drawing.
Drawings of assembled views for the half drawings of the subsequent exploitation conventions and simple drawing proportions.
a) Engine components –Gear pump, Fuel pump gasolene Engine rod, piston assembly.
b) alternative machine components – Screws jacks, Machine Vices Plummer block, Tailstock.
c) Valves: spring loaded relief valve, feed check valve and air cock, management valves
NOTE : initial angle projection to be adopted. the scholar ought to be able to give operating drawings of actual components. finish semester examination for seventy Marks, half A- twenty Marks (Answer 2 queries out of Three), half B- fifty Marks (Assembly Drawing).

Text Books:

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  2. Machine Drawing –K.L.Narayana, P.Kannaiah & K. Venkata Reddy / New Age/ Publishers


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