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Management Science

Course Objectives:
*To familiarize with the process of management and to provide basic insight into select
contemporary management practices
*To provide conceptual knowledge on functional management and strategic management.
Introduction to Management: Concept –nature and importance of Management –Generic
Functions of Management – Evaluation of Management thought- Theories of Motivation –
Decision making process-Designing organization structure- Principles of organization –
Organizational typology- International Management: Global Leadership and Organizational
behavior Effectiveness(GLOBE) structure
Operations Management: Principles and Types of Management – Work study- Statistical
Quality Control- Control charts (P-chart, R-chart, and C-chart) Simple problems- Material
Management: Need for Inventory control- EOQ, ABC analysis (simple problems) and Types of
ABC analysis (HML, SDE, VED, and FSN analysis).
Functional Management: Concept of HRM, HRD and PMIR- Functions of HR Manager- Wage
payment plans(Simple Problems) – Job Evaluation and Merit Rating – Marketing ManagementFunctions of Marketing – Marketing strategies based on product Life Cycle, Channels of
distributions. Operationlizing change through performance management.
Project Management: (PERT/CPM): Development of Network – Difference between PERT and
CPM Identifying Critical Path- Probability- Project Crashing (Simple Problems)
Unit V
Strategic Management: Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategy – Elements of Corporate Planning
Process – Environmental Scanning – SWOT analysis- Steps in Strategy Formulation and
Implementation, Generic Strategy Alternatives. Global strategies, theories of Multinational
Contemporary Management Practice: Basic concepts of MIS, MRP, Justin- Time(JIT) system,
Total Quality Management(TQM), Six sigma and Capability Maturity Model(CMM) Levies,
Supply Chain Management , Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Process outsourcing
(BPO), Business process Re-engineering and Bench Marking, Balanced Score Card.

IV Year – II Semester
4 0 0 3
Course Outcome:
*After completion of the Course the student will acquire the knowledge on management
functions, global leadership and organizational behavior.
*Will familiarize with the concepts of functional management project management and
strategic management.
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