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Course Studying Goals:
The target of this course is:
• Familiarize College students with ideas of prestressing
• Equip pupil with completely different techniques and units utilized in prestressing
• Perceive the completely different losses of prestress together with quick and long run losses
• Familiarize college students with the evaluation and design of prestressed concrete members
below flexure, shear and torsion
Course Outcomes:
On the finish of this course the coed will have the ability to
• Perceive the completely different strategies of prestressing
• Estimate efficient prestress together with the quick and long run losses
• Analyze and design prestressed concrete beams below flexure and shear
• Perceive the related IS Codal provisions for prestressed concrete
UNIT-I Fundamental ideas of Prestressing- Benefits and Functions of Prestressed
Concretes, Excessive Power Concrete- Permissible Stresses, Shrinkage, Creep, Deformation
Traits, Excessive power Metal- Sorts, Power- Permissible Stresses- Rest of
Stress, Cowl Necessities.
UNIT-II Prestressing Methods- Introduction, Tensioning units, Pre-tensioning Methods,
Put up tensioning Methods, Fundamental Assumptions in Evaluation of prestress and design, Evaluation of
prestress, Resultant Stresses at a section- strain line- Ideas of load balancing- Stresses
in Tendons, Cracking second.
UNIT-III Losses of Pre-stressing- Lack of Pre-stress in pre-tensioned and publish tensioned
members resulting from varied causes -Elastic shortening of concrete, shrinkage of concrete, creep
of concrete, Rest stress in metal, slip in anchorage, differential shrinkage- bending of
members and frictional losses- Complete losses allowed for design
UNIT-IV Design for Flexural resistance- Kinds of flexural failure – Code proceduresDesign of sections for flexure- Management of deflections- Components influencing DeflectionPrediction of quick time period and long run deflections.
UNIT-V Design for Shear and Torsion- Shear and Principal Stresses- Design of Shear
reinforcements- Codal Provisions- Design for Torsion, Design for Mixed bending, shear
and torsion.
IV 12 months – II Semester
four zero zero 3
UNIT-VI Switch of Prestress in pre tensioned members- Transmission length- Bond
stresses- finish zone reinforcement- Codal provisions- Anchorage zone Stresses in Put up
tensioned members- Stress distribution in finish block- Anchorage Zone reinforcement.
Textual content Books
1. Prestressed Concrete, N. Krishna Raju, Tata McGraw hill
2. Prestressed Concrete, S. Ramamrutham
1. Prestressed Concrete, P. Dayaratnam
2. Prestressed Concrete, T. Y. Lin & Burns, Wiley Publications