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Unix and Shell Programming


• Written technical communication and effective use of ideas and language.

• Facility with UNIX command syntax and linguistics.

• Ability to browse and perceive specifications, scripts and programs.

• Individual capability in drawback finding mistreatment the tools given at intervals the category. Students can demonstrate a mastery of the course materials and ideas at intervals at school discussions.


Introduction to unix-Brief History-What is Unix-Unix Components-Using Unix-Commands in Unix-Some Basic Commands-Command Substitution-Giving Multiple Commands.


The classification system –The Basics of Files-What’s in a very File-Directories and File Names-Permissions-I Nodes-The Directory Hierarchy, File Attributes and Permissions-The File Command knowing the File Type-The Chmod Command dynamic File Permissions-The Chown Command dynamic the Owner of a File-The Chgrp Command dynamic the cluster of a File.


mistreatment the Shell-Command Line Structure-Met characters-Creating New Commands-Command Arguments and Parameters-Program Output as Arguments-Shell Variables- -More on I/O Redirection-Looping in Shell Programs.


Filters-The Grep Family-Other Filters-The Stream Editor Sed-The AWK Pattern Scanning and process Language-Good Files and smart Filters.


Shell Programming-Shell Variables-The Export Command-The Profile File a Script Run throughout Starting-The 1st Shell Script-The browse Command-Positional parameters-The $? Variable knowing the exit Status-More concerning the Set Command-The Exit Command-Branching management Structures-Loop management Structures-The Continue and Break Statement-The Expr Command: playacting number Arithmetic-Real Arithmetic in Shell Programs-The here Document

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